Jasper National Park Grizzly Bear Mother Killed by Transport Truck

(In Spring 2021, She had 3 New Cubs, but retired for the Winter with only 1 - © Paul & Coral Hamilton)

Saturday, June 18, 2022
A female/sow Grizzly Bear has been killed after being struck by a transport truck on Highway 16 in Jasper National Park. The Mother Grizzly Bear was crossing highway 16 with its one yearling cub roughly five kilometres east of the Jasper townsite at midnight Friday.

According to officials, the driver reported the collision to Parks Canada and staff attended the scene. The semi driver was not injured.

The orphaned yearling bear cub was located later in the morning and "appears to be doing well," Parks Canada said. For the next few days, Parks staff will be monitoring the young bear.

Staff at Jasper National Park remind motorists to obey the speed limits, slow down in areas when wildlife are spotted, and drive carefully while watching for wildlife.

Any Jasper Wildlife issues can be reported to Jasper National Park dispatch at 780-852-6155.

(Witnessing this Mother Grizzly Bear and Her Cub late in October 2021 - © Paul & Coral Hamilton)

The Grizzly Bear Mother was hit and killed at approximately midnight on June 16/17, 2022. The Jasper Transfer Station is approximately 5 km east of the Jasper townsite.

This Grizzly Bear Mother was well-known to local biologists and wildlife watchers. Last spring she emerged from her den with three newborn cubs, but at the end of the summer only one remained with her.

Jasper National Park wildlife officials hope this orphaned cub learned enough survival skills from its mother to make it on its own.

To protect our special places, please observe and obey speed limits. Slow down to protect wildlife and others on the road. Enjoy driving in Jasper and Banff National Parks, always obey the posted speed limits, and be aware of the changing road conditions.