Jasper Wildlife Photos and Videos

Male Grizzly Just out of Hibernation

Male Bears emerge first, usually from early to mid-March, followed by solitary females and females with yearlings or two-years olds. The last to emerge are female Bear Mothers with new-born cubs.

Male Grizzly Just out of Hibernation
Grizzly Just out of Hibernation Video

Large Male Grizzly in Spring

Male Grizzly Bears, subadults, solitary females, and females with yearlings or two-year-olds usually leave the vicinity of their den within a week of emergence, while females with new-born cubs remain in the general vicinity of the den for several more weeks.

Male Grizzly in Snow Early 2018
Large Male Grizzly in Spring Video

Young Bull Moose

Their overall range coincides with that of coniferous forest. Generally found near streams or ponds where there are willows.

Jasper young bull moose in winter
Young Bull Moose video

Rams Coursing and Blocking

Coursing and blocking illustrate a feature of many male alternative mating strategies: the ability of males regularly to create mating opportunities.

Jasper wildlife bighorn sheep battle
Rams Coursing and Blocking video

Barred Owl

The barred owl, or northern barred owl or hoot owl, is a true owl native to North America. Adults are large, brown to grey with barring on the chest.

Jasper wildlife barred owl
Barred Owl video

The Adaptable Black Bear

Black bears are quite adaptable omnivores that can live in a variety of habitat types.

Jasper wildlife black bear 2018
Black Bear video

Bull Elk in August

The velvet antler is covered in a hairy, velvet-like "skin" and its tines are rounded because the antler has not calcified or finished developing.

Jasper wildlife bull elk August
Bull Elk in August video

Large Grizzly Bear

The grizzly bear is a large subspecies of brown bear inhabiting North America. The name grizzly bear is often replaced, calling it the North American brown bear.

Jasper wildlife large grizzly bear
Large Grizzly Bear video

2 Male Bighorn Sheep or "Rams"

The bighorn sheep is a species of sheep native to North America named for its large horns.

Jasper wildlife 2 male bighorn sheep
2 Male Bighorn Sheep or Rams video

Black Bear Cub

Bear Cubs are born in January after a gestation period of approximately 7 months.

Jasper wildlife black bear cub
Black Bear Cubs Play Fighting video

Large Moose Calf Kneeling

The moose (plural "moose") is the largest species in the deer family in the world.

Jasper wildlife moose calf kneeling
Large Moose Calf Kneeling video

Grizzly Bear Families

Grizzly bears have a slow reproductive rate, usually only having one or two cubs at a time. The cubs stay with their mother for at least two years, and they may stay up to three or four years if the mother does not get pregnant during her next estrous cycle.

Jasper wildlife grizzly mother with 2 cubs
Grizzly Bear Family video

Pine Marten Hunting in Winter

The name "pine marten" is derived from the common but distinct Eurasian species of Martes. It differs from the fisher in that it is smaller in size and lighter in color.

Jasper wildlife pine marten in winter
Pine Marten Hunting in Winter video

Male Moose (Bull Moose)

Bull moose can grow up to 2.15 m (7.1 ft) tall and weigh between 500 and 770 kg (1,102 and 1,700 lb); females are somewhat smaller.

Jasper wildlife young bull moose in winter
Male Moose (Bull Moose) video

Canadian Lynx

The Canadian lynx is a North American mammal resembling a gigantic housecat. The lynx has a very short body, small tail, and long legs, with a thick fur coat that is typically long and grey in the winter and short, thin and light brown in the summer.

Jasper wildlife lynx

Naturally Shy Black Bear

Historically, the black bear was widely distributed in suitable habitats throughout most of North America. It evolved however, as a forest-dwelling species and under natural conditions is shy and secretive, rarely venturing far from the security of forest cover.

Jasper wildlife black bear on a hot day
Naturally Shy Black Bear video

Jasper Elk Bull

If there is one large animal that you are almost guaranteed to see during your visit to Jasper National Park it is elk.

Jasper wildlife bull elk September
Jasper Elk Bull video

Bald Eagle at Rest

The bald eagle is Canada's largest bird of prey. Eagles are at the top of the food chain and have no natural enemies.

Jasper wildlife lone eagle in nest

Rocky Mountain Rams

Bighorns from the Rocky Mountains are relatively large, with males that occasionally exceed 230 kg (500 lb) and females that exceed 90 kg (200 lb).

Jasper wildlife large male bighorn sheep
Rocky Mountain Rams video

Elk Mating Season

When Elk mating season is in full swing bull elk can become "extremely aggressive" when it comes to protecting their harems and dominance.

Jasper wildlife bull elk with cow
Elk Mating Season video

Female Black Bear Mother

Until black bear males start approaching full adult weight at 7-9 years it can be very tough to tell them from females.

Jasper wildlife black bear mother
Black Bear Mother Nursing Cubs video

Female Moose

A mature female moose is called a cow, and an immature moose of either sex a calf.

Jasper wildlife female moose
Female Moose and Calf video

Rams Obtaining Copulations

Rocky Mountain Rams obtain copulations by defending single estrous ewes (tending), fighting tending rams to defended ewes (coursing), or moving and holding ewes away from other rams (blocking).

Jasper wildlife bighorn sheep mating
Rams Obtaining Copulations video

Elk Bull in Late August

In the Wild, Elk typically live 10-13 years.

Jasper wildlife elk bull end August
Elk Bull in Late August video

Canadian Lynx Mating Pair

The Canada lynx is a medium-sized cat characterized by its long ear tufts, flared facial ruff, and short, bobbed tail with a completely black tip.

Jasper wildlife lynx mating pair

Bighorn Ram with Lamb

Females prefer having their babies on a cliff that's hard for predators to access. Lambs can typically walk and climb in the first day. A lamb will stay hidden where it was born for about a week before beginning to follow its mother.

Jasper wildlife bighorn sheep family
Bighorn Ram with Lamb video

The Bighorn

The bighorn sheep has tan or brown fur with a white belly, rump, and muzzle. It is best known for its large horns.

Jasper wildlife bighorn sheep male
Bighorn Ram Climbing video