Mule Deer Winter Fur and Food

Mule Deer Winter Fur and Food

Mule Deer have great adaptations to survive in frigid winter temperatures.

Among many other grasses and plants, mule deer can consume pine needles throughout their grazing season. Both needles from live trees as well as dry needles from downed trees are eaten in quantities as seen here.

Mule Deer's thick winter coats have hollow guard hairs like polar bears. Very fine hair under their guard hairs insulate them well from the cold. The dark color of Mule Deer's winter fur helps absorb the suns heat, keeping them warmer.

While Mule Deer Fawns usually are weaned after just two to three months, Female fawns often stay with their mothers for two years; while young bucks leave after one year.

Mule Deer have four chambered stomachs, of which offer them an ability to obtain more nutrition from woody plants they eat. They do this by bringing up previously swallowed loads of food.. an act called chewing the 'cud'.

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